List of Vegetable High in Iron to Boost Your Life Quality

Vegetable High in Iron – Many vegetarians have difficulty meeting their daily intake as they think that this mineral only exists in meat. Though, there is an alternative to consume any vegetable high in iron every day.

The fact is, despite their critical role for health, such vegetable high in iron is one of the easiest to get. In addition, the cooking process into delicious food is not hard, which makes it very popular among the minerals.

Vegetable High in Iron, How Iron Affect Your Body

Iron intake should be met through supplements or eating food as the deficiency can cause disorders in your body. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends iron supplements at approximately 30-60 mg for adults.

It helps produce red blood cells to avoid the risk of anemia. Besides, this mineral can do many things, including maintaining body cells, nails, hair, and skin. In addition, lack of iron intake can cause various health problems, including:

  • Triggers hair loss
  • Causes fatigue and weakness
  • Increases the risk of health problems in the baby in the womb

If you experience the above symptoms, take action immediately. For emergencies, you may be able to meet your iron needs with supplements. However, it is better to eat healthy vegetables.

Vegetable High in Iron List

As experts say, you should eat such foods to increase iron in the body. You can pick one vegetable high in iron, or more, to boost your life.

  1. Mushroom
    Some types of mushrooms turn out to contain a lot of iron, for example, white mushrooms. This mushroom contains 2.7 mg of iron after cooking. Vegetables with this much iron can meet 15% of your daily iron needs. In addition, oyster mushrooms also have twice iron that of white mushrooms.
  2. Asparagus
    Asparagus is the best when it comes to iron content. In particular, it is better consumed when still raw. Thomason, a nutrition expert, points that a cup of raw asparagus has nearly 3 mg of iron, while the cooked one can give you 1 mg per cup.
  3. Potato
    For those who love potatoes, rejoice! It is a vegetable high in iron that serves you 2mg of the mineral in a medium-sized, both raw and cooked. In addition, Thomason added, potatoes are a source of vitamin C which helps increase iron absorption.
  4. Spinach
    According to the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), about 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of raw spinach contain approximately 2.7 mg of iron. It means that you can meet the daily iron needs of up to 15%. In addition, spinach also has high vitamin C.
  1. Heart of Palm
    It is a tropical vegetable rich in fiber, potassium, manganese, vitamin C, and folate. A lesser-known fact about the heart of palm is that they also contain a fair amount of iron — an impressive 4.6 mg per cup, or 26% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake).

This versatile vegetable can be blended into dips, tossed on the grill, incorporated into a stir-fry, added to salads, and even baked with your favorite toppings.

That is all about a vegetable high in iron that you can consume to meet your daily needs. In addition to those listed above, you can also get it from tofu, beans, and green vegetables.

Eating any vegetable high in iron above is very good for your health, especially if you are a vegetarian. Now, who says that eating vegetables cannot fulfill your daily nutritional needs perfectly?

Source : List of Vegetable High in Iron to Boost Your Life Quality